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By every definition, you’ve achieved

You thought success would feel different. Yet something is missing. The professional you feels different than the real you. You live in constant noise. You feel disconnected from the broader world. You want to care and contribute.

What does that even mean for you?

It’s hard to articulate. So you don’t. You read books. You listen to podcasts. It feels lonely. Maybe you should just be grateful and enjoy your hard-earned success. But that’s not you. If you are feeling this, congratulations.

You are ready to venture

It’s time to rewrite your story, redefine success, invest your gifts

The world needs you. You need you


  • You show up differently, you inspire others
  • You attract new like-minded people
  • New ideas and opportunities fall in your lap
  • You forever find new creative ways to grow your impact

I’m Jodi Morris – the achiever who outgrew my initial vision of success

I spent two+ decades in the investment world. I was successful by traditional definitions-business, reputation, financial. In later years, my values felt out of sync with my day-to-day. My strengths felt like weaknesses. I felt lonely. Who do you talk to when you have what we all aspire to?

Coaches were my guides. I clarified my values, strengths and story. When my environment shifted overnight, the signal was crystal clear.

It was time to venture

I left my job without knowing my next steps. It was time to redefine my version of success. To make an impact. To invest my gifts towards it. I packed my curiosity and jumped into action–Connecting. Learning. Traveling. Writing. Global volunteering. Finding new impactful ways to invest my money.

My Mission?

Helping others do the same. I connect people and ideas to help each of us maximize our impact

Success Coaching

Ready to rewrite your story, define your success, and map out a plan to invest in it? Let’s chat. Your journey is unique, and we customize to you – where you start, where you wish to go, and your values, strengths, and story.

Venture Travel

Join me on curated small-group travel ventures where you are a partner, not a tourist. When outside your comfort zone, your ideas flow and perspective expands. When you connect to the stories of others, you find your own.

Ready to Venture?

You talk, I listen. We figure out if I’m the right guide for you and next steps
CHOOSE YOUR VENTURE: COACHING OR TRAVEL Customize your coaching venture. Confidence, redefined success & impact roadmap await. Just need a fun way to trigger ideas? Step out of your comfort zone & join me in small group venture travel
Connect to who you are, your new vision of success & continually invest in it. You think & show up differently. It’s the ultimate freedom and joy

Hear from venturers

Jodi Morris

Let’s do this!

Don’t venture alone

I’ll be your guide. Partner with me, travel with me. Let’s uncover what success and impact mean for the current you. Your next stage awaits.

One more thing…

This isn’t about your job, boss, spouse or achievements. It’s your inner journey. I know because I’ve been there. These are the 10 BIG QUESTIONS I asked myself. It’s the best way to start.

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