Coaching IS an impact investment

I guide high-achieving seekers in ventures to redefine success & impact

I might be the coach for you if

  • You are a mid-life achiever
  • You are ready to venture
  • You are in transition
  • You seek the guidance of a private coach
  • You want practical results

Most people find me while in some sort of life or career transition. Through our partnership, they make life refinements. Sometimes the process leads to an entirely new life or career.

My coaching builds on the work of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. I help you define your WHY, to become a better teller of your story. To champion our ideas and organizations, we must master our stories.

The Coaching Secret?

Coaches hone expertise through their own experiences

In 2003, I hired my first coach. I wanted to transition my career after 12 years with the same company.

My biggest lesson?

There’s not a personal story and professional story. There’s one story. This was the first time I wrote mine. 

The next 12 years brought new challenges: Leading a high-growth investment business. Managing people. Finding my connective strategic thinking at odds with a new boss. Beginning to question myself. Feelings of loneliness. Sensing my values slipping out of alignment.

Coaches helped me feel less alone. They introduced me to practical tools I use every day. When my work environment shifted overnight, the signal was crystal clear.

It was time to venture

what’s  next

Ready to rewrite your story, redefine success & map a plan to invest in it?

Download the 10 Big Questions


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If we mutually decide it makes sense to work together, we outline key goals and an accountability plan.

A typical engagment lasts 3-4 months. It includes one 60-minute video call every two weeks. Following each session, I recap and suggest resources and homework. I’m available via email for questions, feedback & edits.

GET RESULTS We use assessment tools like StrengthFinders. We use my Story Mapping framework. A unique LinkedIn About section is always a deliverable. You are poised for practical, visible results. Need help crafting or editing? It’s my specialty. Need resume help? I got you. Want to strategize how to best leverage your connections towards your goals? It’s what I’m known for.

Prefer to start with small group travel?

Join a Venture. In a small group, you are a partner, not a tourist. Outside of your comfort zone, your ideas flow and perspective expands. When you connect to others’ stories, you find your own.

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