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Last week, a virtual-mentor-now-friend, John Wood, launched a new social venture called U-Go. In the launch call, he served us three clear action steps: “Be a U-Go Ambassador, join the U-Go Founders Fund, follow and promote U-Go on LinkedIn.”

Given that U-Go’s mission is furthering the higher education of deserving young women in Asia—and there’s no one I trust more than John and his global team to take on the challenge—I’m in.

But that’s not the point of this post.

Read the first paragraph again. John cites the use of LinkedIn front-and-center. It wasn’t a generic “follow us on social media.” When asked if U-Go will leverage other social platforms, his answer was clear:

LinkedIn. LinkedIn. LinkedIn.”

He shared that some of his LinkedIn posts have received 300,000 views. As a start-up, they need to focus. “LinkedIn is the platform that connects us to the business leaders we need to be in front of.”

It’s guidance for us all. 

Whether we’re an entrepreneur or work for a global organization, whether we represent a for-profit or non-profit, LinkedIn is a key tool to our success. And not just online success as measured in views, likes, connections. I’m talking about Real. Life. Personal & Business. Success

How we connect in the virtual world changes how we connect in the real one.

My own LinkedIn story?

I was one of the first 250,000 LinkedIn users (there are now nearly 800 million).

Working in the investment industry, I would occasionally post or comment on others’ posts (always considering the compliance rules of my investment firm and industry). Given my business development and leadership roles, I made it a habit to send a LinkedIn connection request to every person I interacted with.

In those early days before everyone had a LinkedIn profile, it said something about me and the other person—we shared a first-mover mindset.

In later days, LinkedIn deepened my relationships.

Beyond shared connections, alma maters, or employers, through my LinkedIn engagement people garner a deeper glimpse into me—what I care about, and how I choose to show up in the world. For those who similarly engage, I enjoy the same.

Several years ago, I launched my own company. I partner with individuals as a Success Coach, and I curate and lead immersive people-connected Venture Travel in emerging economies.

LinkedIn has been key to my success. It’s a free marketing and branding platform. When a stranger tells me in a first call that they feel like they already know me and wish to work or travel with me, I know I’m doing something right.

As someone who hates being sold to, I don’t sell—I share.

That’s why LinkedIn is the perfect platform. I get to share ideas, opportunities and stories that I believe will help or inspire others. I get to celebrate the real-life people and companies from around the world who inspire me, and tell everyone I care about why. It doesn’t feel like work.

Whether intentional or not, each one of us has a personal brand. If inspiration, thinking differently, connecting and committing is what people know me for, great. Because that’s why they choose to work with me. And that’s success. Real. Life. Personal & Business. Success

So how do I use LinkedIn day-to-day?

  • I still make it a habit to send a LinkedIn connection request to every person I connect to in real life. 
  • I don’t accept random inbound LinkedIn connection requests (especially the cheesy sales ones).
  • I’m on LinkedIn throughout the day—it’s not a time-waster, it’s my key professional tool.
  • I don’t adhere to a strict content-posting schedule. But I do strive for consistency. I also actively engage in others’ posts (likes, comments, reshares) every single day.
  • I don’t obsess about views, likes, comments. I’m always curious why one post proves more popular than another, which makes me constantly experiment. The LinkedIn algorithm keeps me curious.
  • I get my best ideas by following those I respect and watching how they engage. I don’t need original ideas; I just need to gift my network the best ones.

LinkedIn is today’s success platform. That’s why John chose it as a focus.

And why I’m passionate about helping others use it to their advantage.

Want more ideas? Follow me on LinkedIn, via my blog, or read my previous LinkedIn engagement posts. Need a partner in honing your own LinkedIn success strategy? Well…you know where to find me.

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